I offer a variety of freelance services.  E-mail me for more information!

Editorial – Pretty self-explanatory. I’d love to help you with your fiction or nonfiction novel or story, including developmental editing like structure or characterization or later edits like line-editing. I also have plenty of experience editing academic works (papers for publication, dissertations, etc), including scientific writing.

Writing – Primarily fitness-related articles, although I can also write about writing (so meta!), books, and LGBTQ issues. (And probably some other things, like cats, crafts, and Netflix, since that’s how I spend 90% of my free time.)

Ghostwriting – Got a brilliant idea, but not that great with words? I can write it for you!  I’m particularly interested in working with fitness professionals who want to create books or website materials, since that’s where the bulk of my ghostwriting experience lies.


“Friends, do you have editing needs? Here’s the thing: Kat was my classmate in grad school, and I showed her the first essay I ever wrote that had anything to do with my book. And she read it, and she was kind about it, and then she was like, ‘look, this structural issue is why it doesn’t quite work.’ I saw that she was right. She showed me how to fix it. After that Kat fix came that essay winning a thing and being published, and from that came– well, my entire writing career. (It’s a long story to connect the dots, but I’m not kidding.) Since then, needless to say, I have shown her many pieces. My book? I showed it to her before I gave it to my editor, obviously. This woman is a wizard. Hire her.” – Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, author, The Fact of a Body

I’ve used Kat’s editing service for about a year now, and I couldn’t be more happy. I needed someone who brings my ideas together in a way that is appealing to the public yet without losing my voice. She’s been extremely helpful with helping improve my writing skills. Kat goes above and beyond with each blog or an ebook I send her way.  I can’t recommend her enough! ABsolutely fabulous work!” – Lana Sova, Shameless Strength Academy

“Amazing service ! Super high quality. Highly recommend.” – Ed Turney, Rocky Point Fitness Kickboxing