I can haz soshul meedeeuh?

Look at me! Starting a blog again! Hooray!

As any writer or aspiring writer knows, a social media presence is essential these days to building your “brand” and getting your work published.  Because I never find myself wanting to write about any one topic longer than a couple of blog posts, however, I always end up dropping off of the social media wagon within a couple weeks because I can’t come up with topics that quickly.  I mean, yes, there are a zillion things a fitness professional can write about, but I don’t want to. Possibly, yes, because I’m a bit of an obstinate two year old who won’t listen to reason. Still, you can go to Tony Gentilecore and Eric Cressey and Girls Gone Strong for fitness. I don’t cook enough for a food blog, I don’t really have enough thoughts about what I’m reading to write about it… Etc.  So every time I think I’m going to restart my blog, I end up getting overwhelmed by planning and never go forward.

Thus, I’ve decided to outsource to my friends. Think of it as a grown-up version of those journals you had to write in middle school, where the teacher assigned a topic and you wrote a page or two about it.  Every week or two, I’ll post on my Facebook page to see what suggestions people have. Then I’ll write about a few of them, 500 to 1000 words. Repeat as necessary.

I’ll give you a moment to go subscribe. I know you don’t want to miss a single post.

Also, because my teenage cousin says all the cool people post animal photos, I’ll give you this:



I’m totally up with all the latest memes from 10+ years ago. (Badger badger badger badger…)

Things you can look forward to: LiveJournal 2.0! The Baby-Sitters Club: Where are They Now?  Something about my impending nuptials to another woman! AND SO MUCH MORE.



2 thoughts on “I can haz soshul meedeeuh?

  1. Congrats on your first post! I vow to follow your blog loyally. I can’t wait to read more of your work!
    ~Your awesome teenage cousin.


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